Cancer patients get more personal attention.

  1. All our team members are highly trained and certified, to provide the best instruments and services.
  2. We place a high level of importance on integrity - it is what drives our company and the foundation for our reputation.
  3. Whether creating devices, establishing procedures, conduct clinical trials, or just help, it is our pleasure to take part in the lives of so many people.


Bioncise: a passion for tissue quality, engineering, and cancer care.

Back in 1998 a clinical study in breast cancer patients nearly failed because retrieval of cancer tissues was problematic.  The phenomenom is general.  Life science laboratories request large amounts of tissues.  Patients fear the procedure.  Physicians opt for the smallest intervention.  While molecular biology exploded in subsequent years, the act of tissue acquistion has attracted rather poor attention.  The Bioncise team just filled in that gap.  Since then, thousands of patients have experienced painless biopsy steps and creation of high quality liquid phase tissue samples is getting routine.

The Team