High tissue quality means:

- enough

- pure

- fresh

The world of Spirotome in one website

                          The Spirotome has been developed to harvest high quality tissues for:
- complete cancer characterization
- liquid phase tissue research
- regeneration medicine
- avatar technologies
- autologuous cell transplantation
- comprehensive cancer diagnosis
Get the definitions right on the subject of liquid biopsy 

- December 2019 - Breast cancer conference European Cancer Institute Milan  - info: sabine.janssens@bioncise.com 

-January 2019, Musculoskeletal course - UZA - Antwerp

What is most important when cancer pops up?  

" To get the best affordable care with the highest chance for cure and the least amount of side effects".

To fill in this promise, medicine has developed a highly efficient but complex tool: Precision Medicine, also called Personalised Medicine. New targeted treatments are highly efficient.  So, how to select treatments and patients that they match ideally? 

The best available care needs state-of-the-art diagnosis.  The more we know about the cancer, the more options to treat. Medicine has made it possible to look into the cancer cells, see how they grow and how they can escape some treatments.  All this through measuring molecular behavior of genes and gene expression.  But these sophisticated analyses on complex biological processes need high quality tissues; meaning fresh, enough, and representative samples from the cancer.  

It is in this step of the patient's journey that Bioncise takes care of providing human tissue in a safe and comfortable way for comprehensive microscopical and liquid phase testings and tissue engineering and this in a total controlled way.

 It is the start of personalized medicine for everyone.